About Art Omi

Art Omi, a not-for-profit arts center with a 120-acre sculpture and architecture park and gallery, offers residency programs for international artists, writers, translators, musicians, architects and dancers. Art Omi believes that exposure to internationally diverse creative voices fosters acceptance and respect, raises awareness, inspires innovation, and ignites change. By forming community with creative expression as its common denominator, Art Omi creates a sanctuary for the artistic community and the public to affirm the transformative quality of art.


Art Omi has five distinct residency programs: Art Omi: Architecture, Art Omi: Artists, Art Omi: Dance, Art Omi: Music, and Art Omi: Writers. Through a competitive jury process, residents are chosen, invited to attend at no cost to themselves, except travel. Abundant, catered meals and comfortable, beautiful lodgings are provided in a scenic location in Columbia County, New York. Please read these Frequently Asked Questions before applying to one of our residency programs! 

Art Omi: Artists
We currently accepts submissions for the 2024 residency session

APPLICATION DEADLINE—October 15, 2023 (11:59 PM EST)
RESIDENCY DATES—Thursday, June 20 - Monday July 15, 2024
NOTIFICATION—March 1, 2024

Art Omi: Artists invites artists from around the world, representing a wide diversity of artistic styles and practices, to gather in rural New York to experiment, collaborate and share ideas. Concentrated time for creative work is balanced with the stimulation of cultural exchange and critical appraisal.
      Art Omi: Artists nurtures deep creative and professional connections in a vibrant, social residency. Artists are provided with a private studio, shared living quarters, and meals at no cost, but are responsible for their travel and material expenses, unless they are eligible for travel grants as specified in our fellowships guidelines. Each session, two critics/curators are invited to participate as Critics-in-Residence. They both lead discussions, help shape the Visitors program and make individual studio visits throughout the duration of the residency session. 

Critics for the 2024 residency sessions are  Monika Fabijanska and Xin Wang. You can read about them here:


Art Omi: Artists eligibility guidelines:

  • Artists currently enrolled in either a BFA or MFA are not eligible to apply. Applicants must be out of school at the time of the application. However, PhD students or professional artists with at least 3 years of professional experience, currently enrolled in a masters degree program other than in the arts are eligible.
  • Art Omi accepts applications from self-taught professional artists. Having received a degree or certification, or having formally studied art are not requirements for Art Omi: Artists residency. However, resumes/cv must reflect at least three years of professional experience as an exhibiting artist.
  • Applications must be submitted in the English language. Please make sure all application materials including your resume/CV, and your biography are in English.
  • If you work on a team, please fill one application ONLY. Only one person will be the contact person for the TEAM application. Please make sure to mark on the resume ALL of the names of the artists being part of the group. The entire application must reflect work done by the team, not individual works. One time collaborators must submit two independent applications.
  • Art Omi Alumni are not eligible for a return residency. In order to give as many artists as possible the chance for a residency at Art Omi, we ask that alumni do not apply for a return residency. We appreciate you spreading the word to artists who have not been to Art Omi yet.


Please submit the following:

  • Resume/CV reflecting at least 3 years of professional experience as artist
  • Short biography in narrative form
  • Artist Statement
  • 8 images OR links to 3 video excerpts, or 5 images AND 1 video. Video excerpts must be no longer than 1 minute each and are preferably made available for download on Vimeo if possible.
  • Brief description for each image or video submitted

Please note that due to the high volume of applications, we ask that you be certain that your application is complete and in adherence with all guidelines. Incomplete applications will not be processed, and unfortunately we are unable to notify applicants about the status of their application until after the selection has been made. 

We strongly suggest you do not wait until October 15 to submit an application as we will not be able to help you should you have any technical issues uploading your submission. We will not be able to extend the deadline due to any tech issue, you may encounter. Best of luck with your application!

Note: This is the application for Art Omi: Architecture ONLY.

RESIDENCY DATES — Friday, June 2 - Sunday, June 18, 2023

The Art Omi: Architecture residency invites 10 early- to mid-career architects to further develop their work during a full two-week residency at Art Omi. Residents are chosen through a competitive juried process and are invited to attend and participate, at no cost to themselves (except for travel expenses). All meals and spacious, comfortable accommodations are provided in a scenic setting in Columbia County, New York. Art Omi is located near the city of Hudson, about two hours north of New York City.

Application is open to architects from any part of the world that have been professionally active for at least the past five (5) years since professional licensing or obtaining an M. Arch. degree in the U.S. or international equivalent. Applications will be accepted from early and mid-career architects in active professional practice or in academia with an architectural design teaching concentration. We do not accept applications from students currently enrolled in any B. Arch, M. Arch, or Phd program. Space is very limited and a diverse and international group is sought, consistent with all Art Omi residency programs and aligning with the mission of the Art Omi: Architecture program. Architecture Residents are required to remain on campus during the entire two weeks.

Application Requirements

  1. Architect's Statement, preferably in narrative form, about your work without any images or outside links. This is a fundamental document for our jury to fully understand your architectural practice.
  2. A Project Proposal for the Architecture Residency describing the work that will be carried out while on campus during two weeks. See below for more information.
  3. A Portfolio of your work (10 pages max)
  4. Your Resume and/or Curriculum Vitae.

Proposed Project
Applicants must submit and describe a project they wish to work on, on their own, while at Art Omi. Projects of any scale may be conceptual or practical in nature, and may be an ongoing or existing project or a new design scheme to be initiated during the residency. Projects may not be client based nor directed. While the campus and the dedicated Art Omi: Architecture grounds may serve as background inspiration or for documentation, projects cannot and will not be built on premises. In all instances a visual presentation is required by the end of the residency. This may be in the form of drawings, study models, maquettes, collages, digital images and the like. Each resident is expected to bring all of their own design tools.

Note: This is the application form for Art Omi: Writers ONLY.
RESIDENCY DATES— Spring: Thurs Mar 28 - Wed, May 29, 2024 / Fall: Thurs, Sept 5 - Wed, Nov 6, 2024
Art Omi: Writers hosts authors and translators from around the world for residencies throughout the spring and fall. The program’s strong international emphasis provides exposure for global literary voices and reflects the spirit of cultural exchange that is essential to Art Omi’s mission.
Each applicant is required to provide 4 (four) separate items in total:

  1. A cover letter, which provides the following details: country of birth, country of residency, the language in which you write, your preferred residency dates. Please note we have two sessions per year: Spring (March 28 - May 29) and Fall (September 5 - November 6). Additionally, please let us know how you heard about Art Omi: Writers, why you want to come to Art Omi: Writers and what you expect to get from the experience. 
  2. A brief (2 pages, maximum) statement about your work history, referencing publications, performances and writing credits. This can be submitted in CV format.
  3. A writing sample, no more than 50 pages. Please be sure to indicate if the writing is published or unpublished; if it is published please provide details.
  4. A one page description of the work to be undertaken while at Art Omi: Writers.

Your writing sample does NOT have to be an English translation; please submit your writing sample in your mother tongue. All other documentation must be submitted in English.
  Your cover letter should be provided in the designated Cover Letter field. Items 2-4 should each be provided as separately uploaded files.
  Alumni of the program are eligible to reapply.
To be considered for a 2024 residency, your application must be received electronically by the end of the day, October 15, 2023 (11:59 p.m. EDT).

 We look forward to receiving your application.
Art Omi continues to monitor the Covid-19 pandemic. All programs require residents to be fully vaccinated and boosted by the start of their Residency program to be eligible for participation.

Art Omi